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Hair Transplant Turkey

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Our Medical Team

What is the hair loss?

Hair loss is a problem that affects most men but also women and manifests itself in different stages of life.

Could it be cure?

With right hands and with right techniques yes. In so far the best method is hair transplant.

What is the hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical method must to do in hospitals, for transplanting hair follicles to preferred areas in women and men.

What is the importance to do this operation in specialized clinic

A partnership with the newest and most equipped university hospital offers a unique opportunity to the patients.

Together with our many years experience in hair transplant, they will benefit the welcome, the safety and the care that only hospitals like that can provide.

How long does it takes turn normal life for patients after surgery?

Micro-Fue Hair transplantation is minimal invasive procedure that allows you to go to your home by foot after surgery. First 3 days you need to be careful for hitting your head. After 3 days you can wash your head gently. International patients could turn their homes after the day of surgery. Its possible to fly and travel.

Planning a custom program for your hair transplant

Planning a customized program for your hair loss that meets your desires and budgets and fits your sex, age and type of baldness. We will advise you the best medical and / or surgical treatment with thequantification of the area to cover, the density and the volume of the implants.

Importance of Hair distribution

Hair distribution is unique to each individual, by color, consistency, density, sex, age, extent and type of baldness. We select and position of the different FU to rebuild your dense and natural hair with the insertion up to 4000-5000 FU at an affordable price.

Using 100% of the donor area

The third-generation 0,7mm. punch MICRO-FUE technique with led lighting avoids damage to the follicular units. Unlike the STRIP-FUT technique, the FU are not manipulated under the hot and intense light of the microscope and their survival is guaranteed, in addition there’s not the feared long 25-30 cm long lateral scar, often dilated and painful with paresthesia in the surrounding area

Painless Anesthesia

The specially formulated low-dose cocktail for anesthesia is injected with very thin needles, patients are completely relaxed and the protocol is virtually painless.

Benefits of Intervention and Side Effects

Very quick recovery time with minimum trauma, bleeding, and post operation dressings. The hairs will start to grow soon after the procedure and will continue naturally throughout life.

Staff and Locations

The staff is highly qualified and motivated to give the best results our transection rate is close to 0-1% V/s best FUT 1,6%.

Pre-operative interview

It’s possible to meet our patients and have access to data base to evaluate the quality of the results and the hair line, the 0,7 mm MICRO-FUE hole heals in few days and contracts 100% and unlike the 1/1,2 mm of the ordinary FUE, gives undetectable scars and almost unchanged density  in the donor areas.


Locations far exceed the required standards for safety, sterilization, equipment, etc. We are saying again this operation must be done in medical clinics and under the control of medical experts. Total care system is needed in this procedure.

Hygiene Standards

We pay attention to all international infection prevention and safe surgical protocols. Our hospital and center are constantly inspected by internal and external audits.

Is body hair possible to transplant?

Yes it is possible. We provide the highest density using body hair using the BODY-to-Hair technique.

What is the Total Care System ?

We have developed the customer support network that offers:

  • Satisfaction guarantee from airport to hospital-hospital to home.
  • Free Pre-Op Hair analysis,
  • Treatment,
  • Post-care assistance and follow-up,
  • Products,
  • Best Equipment and Place,

All protocols are checked continuously for rigid control quality.

Our service and technology are advanced and competitive in results and in price.

How many sessions do the patients need to have hairs?

A session that could be one and only!!
We are able to implant 4000 to 5000 FU or more if available, with a possibility to realize real megasessions  in a one-day at maximum density, without dividing the transplant into multiple sessions (with relative expenses) at a cost affordable to everyone !!

Why hair transplant in Turkey

Due to the global epidemic in 2020, there has been a noticeable decrease in the number of health tourists. 388,150 patients preferred Turkey to receive health services. Tourism income from foreign visitors coming for health tourism and medical reasons and citizen visitors residing abroad decreased to 548 million 882 thousand dollars in 2020. In 2021, 642,444 people received health services and the income obtained from this amounted to US$ 1,048,549,000. In the first quarter of 2022, 284,577 people came to our country to receive health services and the income obtained from this amounted to 332,212,000 US dollars.

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42 değerlendirmeye göre.
If you are looking for a real hair transplant center in Istanbul which has professional medical approach you have to contact with Clinista and Dr. Ergen. They also did a full blood examinations and we Founded some malnutritions. I ve got a complete treatment and 3000 grafts micro fue hair transplant in to my frontal hairline. Im on 6th month and my result is amazing even from now. I suggest them!!!
Alessandro Cataldo
Alessandro Cataldo
Yaklaşık 3 sene önce Clinista 'da saç ekimimi gerçekleştirdim. Sonuç o kadar muazzamki hala hergün aynaya bakıyorum. İlgi, alaka hizmet herşeyiyle çok başarılı bir ekim merkezi. Herkese rahatlıkla tavsiye ederim.
Emre Temiz
Emre Temiz
Istanbulda sac ekimi yaptırmak istiyorsanız buradan daha iyi bir yer bulamazsınız. Tüm clinista çalışanlarına ilgi alakaları için tesekkürler
Sehr höflich und sauber. Gerne könnt ihr mein Review Video dazu sehen auf youtube: WhiteToBlack
Isa Ucar
Isa Ucar
Thank you to Onur and the Team. I had a great experience from the first consultation to the procedure and post procedure. I have already received many compliments. Thank you again, I will be recommending you to my family and friends.
Делал здесь пересадку волос. Результатом остался доволен. Всё зажило без проблем. Перед процедурой ответили на все мои вопросы. Команда опытная, видно что знают чем занимаются. Место в котором проводилась операция универститетская больница поэтому в плане чистоты и стерильности нет никаких проблем!
Magi Mustafayev
Magi Mustafayev
Allah’ın izniyle Kasım ayında saçlarımı ektireceğim çok yardımcı oldular teşekkürler
Herşey Bitti
Herşey Bitti
I had two successful procedures at this clinic with Dr. Onur. I’m very happy with the results so far. He’s very experienced and has excellent communication skills, and very accommodating. He’s also got great crew working along. Also, the package he offered includes your hotel stay and round trip commute from and to air port. It’s super accommodating. The hotel was also great (Holiday Express). Super clean, comfortable, and great Turkish gourmet breakfast 🍳 included! I highly recommend! 🥇🏆🏅🎖
Al Ectric
Al Ectric
Yıllık saç prp mi burada yaptırıyorum. Memnun kaldım.
Özlem Aydın
Özlem Aydın

Our Hair Transplant Service Points

You can contact our service points for easy access to our hair transplantation services.

Tirana | ALB

Istanbul | TR

Roma | IT

Roma | IT

Hair Transplant in Turkey

We take pride in being a pioneering force in Turkey’s hair transplant industry, backed by many years of experience. Our team of specialized physicians is dedicated to assisting you in navigating the world of hair transplantation, particularly in Istanbul. Guests at our clinic will benefit from intensive pre- and post-operative care during their hair transplantation treatments. We have developed comprehensive treatment packages that continually evolve to meet the highest standards of modern medicine. Your transformation is just a step away. Contact us to begin your journey and experience our exceptional service quality from start to finish

Hair Transplant Turkey

If you are searching for a leading hair transplant center in the UK, Ireland, or the US, we invite you to explore our proven results. Our approach to treatment encompasses three critical stages: before, during, and after the operation. We implement distinct yet interconnected treatment programs for each stage to optimize the efficacy of the procedure. Our team of expert physicians will thoroughly assess your hair loss situation and the anatomical characteristics of both the donor and recipient areas. Among the hair transplant centers in Turkey, we take great pride in being at the forefront, continually striving for excellence in our field.

Customized Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a crucial procedure for individuals experiencing hair loss or baldness. It’s important to note that the sensitivity of patients often intensifies when confronted with unsatisfactory results. At Clinista Turkey Hair Transplantation Center, we develop a tailored treatment plan for each patient. This plan includes comprehensive examinations of all factors that could influence the success of the procedure, along with additional diagnostic measures. We are fully prepared to manage any potential complications that may arise during the treatment. Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of hair transplantation, ensuring patients achieve the highest level of satisfaction.