Quality of Service

Our mission is to be considered as the first choice in the treatment services we offer with patient-oriented solutions. We offer our patients the highest, safest treatment standards.

Experienced Team

Clinista has a team of experts in the field of hair transplantation, medical aesthetics, plastic surgery, gynecology and ent surgery. We accept international patients since 2016 with our medical tourism services.

Best location

We always offer our treatments in the hospital environment. At this point, we think that the safety of our patients should be at the highest level. Clinista’s goal is to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare for everyone.

Why should i choose Clinista for Hair Transplant in Turkey

✔ Reliable partners, service points, references

✔Academic staff who is mastered on Health law and ethics

✔Multi-disciplinary approach

✔7/24 care if needed after hair transplant

✔Continous care, follow after hair transplant for 1 year

✔No hidden cost, no suprise you will meet what you saw in our website

✔Only our registered doctors with certification performs hair transplant

✔Health care only in hospital environment

Our Hospital

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Clinista Saç Ekimi Tuzla