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Hair Transplantation

After hair transplant care

It is important that patients follow post-operative instructions after hair transplant care to ensure optimal healing and growth of the transplanted hair.

  • Night of your procedure and next few nights: Sleep with head elevated. Place a
    towel under your head in case the donor area oozes.
  • Morning after procedure: Remove headband
  • Remainder of week after procedure: Shower twice a day
  • First week after: Shampoo very gently
  • 10 Days after: Grafts are permanent, so you can resume normal shampooing and
    hair care, you can start scracthing your head
  • Avoid alcohol for 3 days after procedure
  • Abstain from smoking for two weeks after procedure
  • Wear a hat when in strong sunlight, and after 2 weeks you may use sunscreen
    with 30 or higher SPF

The night of your hair transplant for the next few nights and how to sleep after hair transplant

You are encouraged tosleep with your head elevated on pillows. Medication is given for sleep and pain. Fowlers position for sleeping is suggested

hair transplant post op sleeping
sleeping after fue




hair transplant post op sleeping
sleeping after fue2

The morning after your hair transplant surgery

You will remove the headband and put the antibiotic ointment on donor area.

When i can wash my hair after hair transplant?

Shower and shampoo your scalp once just for the second day after hair transplantation. We’ll call you the next day to make sure that everything is OK.
You won’t need to come into the office at this time but are welcome to do so.

For the remainder of the week

You should shower twice a day. When showering, you will be instructed to gently clean the transplanted area with a special shampoo. The follicular unit grafts are made to fit snugly into the recipient sites and will not be dislodged in the shower if you follow the instructions given to you. After your first shower, no further bandages are required. Although you must be very gentle for the first week after hair loss surgery, normal shampooing, brushing, and hair care can be resumed after ten days since, by this time, the grafts are firmly in place. You can also have a haircut at this point. You are able to dye your hair four weeks after the hair transplant.

You should avoid alcohol for three days following your hair replacement procedure and abstain from smoking for two weeks. When in strong sunlight, you should wear a hat.
After two weeks you may use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30+. Generally, patients can resume their normal daily routine almost immediately. Exercise can be started the second day following your procedure. For the first 10 days, you should avoid any activities that rub or put direct pressure on your scalp.

We ask you to return to the office ten days after surgery for a follow-up visit, but for those who live at a distance from our facility, this can generally be handled by phone

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