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Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss is one of the conditions in which both men and women experience it very often. There are multiple reasons for answering the question that causes hair loss. Hair loss may occur due to seasonal changes, iron deficiency, stress, hormone disorder But if there is long-lasting hair loss can be a messenger of serious disease. Every hair has a duration. Hair strands live for 4 to 6 years. Then rest and pour. Hair loss during this process is very natural. 50 to 100 hair loss per day is considered normal. However, if more than 100 is falling in the bathroom, if there is an increase in the hand, or if you pull the hand from washed dried hair 3-5 pieces of hair comes to your hand is a condition you should take seriously.

Genetic Factors

The cause of hair loss in men and women may be different. Hair loss in men is generally genetic and hair loss is seen in more than 50% of the society. This type of hair loss is chronic. Baldness develops with age and as a result hair transplantation may be required. Shedding rate is also slowed down if supplementary therapies are initiated at an early age. Genetic shedding is also experienced in women. Especially if there are people with baldness in the family, you also have a higher risk of hair loss.

Skin Problems

Skin and internal disease can cause hair loss. Skin-borne shedding is usually caused by diseases that can affect the skin and affect the hair course. Eczema, psoriasis, lichen disease, acne, over-oiled skin, fungal diseases, such as illnesses can not escape if the hair is affected. In order to stop these spills, skin disease should be treated.

Malnutrition Habits

According to the diet, hair loss is very common. The hair is alive and needs to be fed and blooded properly in the hair. Regular and balanced diet, those who are hungry for a long time, consuming foods that have a lot of carbohydrate content with a uniform diet affects the hair and sheds. Its treatment is very simple; you can get rid of this situation in a short time by starting a balanced and healthy diet.

Hormonal Problems

If the person has hormonal problems, menstrual delay or irregularity, hair growth, excessive acne, weight gain problems such as rapid loss of hair loss causes hormonal problems among the causes. You should see your dermatologist to determine the source of these problems on the 2nd or 3rd day of your period with a blood test.

Some Internal Diseases and Drug Use

Some internal diseases, thyroid gland or medications used for this disease, hormones, rheumatic diseases, slimming pills, insulin resistance, adrenal gland diseases, birth control pills, diabetes and in some cases discontinuation of control pills affect the hair follicle and begin to shed. If you are in this situation, you should see a specialist doctor.


How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Among the causes of hair loss mentioned above, stress is the most effective. In general, hair loss occurs when people cannot cope with stress. These people get stressed and depressed with the difficulties they have experienced in their lives, whether they are from the intensity of the work they work for. This depression causes irregular and unhealthy nutrition and sleep problems. Irregular sleep with unhealthy diet slowly causes hair loss. Those who wonder how to prevent hair loss should avoid stress and distress first.

Hair care products used to prevent hair loss need to be very careful. The use of shampoo that is not suitable for the type of hair causes more fatigue of the hair and as a result, it causes loss. Using shampoo that is suitable for the type and type of hair prevents hair loss. In addition, frequent or prolonged washing of the hair results in hair loss. After washing the hair, drying should be done very carefully. Especially those who have moist and fine hair should dry evenly. Apart from shampoos, the hair spray and jelly used for shaping the hair affect hair health very much.

Hair loss is very common in an unhealthy person. One of the causes of these spills may be the lack of iron in the body. Sometimes even tooth decay can cause hair loss. Bacteria can easily enter the body due to caries in the tooth, easily damage the scalp and affect hair loss. If you want to have a healthy hair first you need a healthy body and healthy life.

What Is Good For Hair Loss?

One of the most important points for people with hair loss problems is the question of what is good for hair loss. People with hair loss problems apply to chemicals first, but the first priority is to consume healthy foods and dissolve them naturally.

Spinach, chard, arugula, green leafy vegetables

We said there was iron deficiency among the causes of hair loss. Therefore, green leafy vegetables with higher iron content should be consumed. Green leafy vegetables complete your iron deficiency and are good for hair loss. Iron deficiency reduces the oxygen level in the blood. In this case, the hair follicles do not reach enough oxygen.

Orange, watermelon, grapefruit, strawberry

Fruits that are strong in vitamin C do not only strengthen the immune system when consumed; sun and air pollution, such as hair damage to the effects of the task is the least affected.

Fish and Seafood.

Zinc is effective in hair follicles and regulates hormones. Therefore, fish containing zinc, seafood such as shrimp and mussels prevent hair loss.


Yoghurt, which contains calcium and protein stores, helps hair growth and hair follicles nutrition.