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Hair Transplantation

Crown Hair Transplant

When the typical hair loss types in men are examined, the most common hair loss is crown hair loss after the front line hair loss. In the Norwood scale, crown loss starts with vertex III type and continues up to vertex VII. Crown Hair Transplant is the most efficient technique when treating hair loss on crown

crown hair transplant example
natural crown hair transplant example

“Is hair thinner at crown? Stages of crown hair loss

The hair thickness of the crown region is no different from other regions in people who do not have hair loss. Thinning in the crown area is usually an early sign of male pattern hair loss.”

crown hair transplant
Crown area of a 42 years old male without male pattern hair loss

Shedding in the crown area manifests itself in two ways in the early period. The first is the miniaturization and late growth of the hair in the area. The second symptom is circular hair loss starting from one area.


“Does hair in crown grow slower?

The reason why the hair grows slowly is not related to the area where the hair is located. In androgenetic alopecia, the receptor that provides nutrients to the hair follicle is blunted by DHT. For this reason, the hair cannot be fed, becomes thinner and grows slowly.


There are popular beliefs that circulation is slow in the crown area and that the crown hair transplants do not work. This belief is just a MYTH. There are studies showing that microcirculation and subcutaneous adipose tissue decrease in all areas with baldness. But this is a symptom seen in all bald areas, not just the crown area. After hair transplantation, neovascularization around the transplanted grafts is observed within 3-6 months.

Restoration and design of crown hairloss is bit different than frontal and middle scalp. The direction and angle of hair growth in the crown area are also different.

How many Grafts do i need for my crown hair transplant?

The number of grafts to be planted in the crown area is generally different from the front hairline. The size of the area should be planned considering the efficiency of the donor area. Good results can be obtained win a crown hair transplantation with an average density of 20 follicles / cm2.”

The natural crown hair loss restoration can only be created by an experienced hair transplant surgeon. In the creation of this, the direction and angle of the growth of the person’s own hair should be analyzed correctly and the incision is made accordingly, The results are unnoticeable and perfect when you do the correct natural crown hair loss restoration.


Examples about creation of natural whorl incisions


How much does the crown hair transplant cost

Mini repair sessions under 1000 grafts may be priced differently. However, sessions over 1000 grafts are priced as normal hair transplantation. The fact that the place where you have the procedure is in different structures such as a hospital, clinic, private practice Office etc. and the experience of the medical team doing the crown hair transplants causes the prices to vary.

How long does it take fort he crown to grow after hair transplant

The transplanted hair grows by an average of 0.8mm-1cm in the first 3 weeks. Then the shock loss period is started. Generally, in the 3rd month, the shock shedding period begins to return to the growth period. Visible changes are detected in 6-8 months. Growth and thickening processes are completed in 12-18 months.