DHI Hair Transplant

DHI, or “Direct Hair Implantation”, is a hair transplant technique actually that is not new but has become popular again. People with hair loss problems often have difficulty choosing between DHI and Fue techniques. Before choosing the method, it includes many technical issues such as experience / cost-effectiveness analysis to learn your expectations and suggest which method is most suitable for you.

Before deciding on the hair transplant technique, we strongly recommend that you make an analysis and choose the most appropriate technique with your physician.

How is DHI Hair Transplant Technique Applied?

In this technique, grafts are taken from the neck area in the same way as Micro Fue. The grafts are kept outside for a minimum time and planting is started immediately. Thus, healthier and stronger hair is transplanted. The channel is not opened in the place of hair transplantation and the hair is transferred without waiting, using special tips. Time is saved and the taken hair is immediately planted back.
Since the transplanted hair is healthier and more vivid, it immediately adapts. Less graft implantation is possible in one session compared to micro fue method. You will not feel pain when transplanting the hair follicles. Recovery may be faster than micro fue method due to less number of transplanted hair and less trauma.

DHI Hair Transplant Technique and FUE Hair Transplant Technique Differences

The grafts taken in the FUE technique are not directly transferred to the receipent area. The grafts taken in the FUE technique are not directly transferred to the head. For grafts that are ready for planting, channels are opened with the help of micro surgical blades. Then hair transplantation is carried out.

In DHI technique, transplantation is done immediately after the purchase with the help of pens called choi pen. With the help of Choi implanter, channel opening and implantation is performed simultaneously. When the hair is transplanted, the factors such as the direction of hair growth and frequency are taken into consideration.
Compared to the FUE technique, it is a bit more laborious and takes a long time. However, trauma is less because the channel is not opened. The healing and adaptation process is very short.


Advantages of the DHI Hair Transplant Technique:

  • Implanting without shave
  • More preferred in adding density
  • Less time for hair follicles in isolated environment
  • Less trauma

Disadvantages of the DHI Hair Transplant Technique:

  • Same or less graft / cm2 than FUE
  • Less graft implantation chance in one session
  • Not able to perform megasessions like FUE (Maximum 1500-2000 fu per session)
  • More rebound on implantation than FUE
  • More expensive than FUE