Eyebrow Transplant

Although it is not as effective as the hair, eyebrows have an effect on an aesthetic and remarkable appearance, and eyebrow transplantation has been the medical equivalent of this need. Eyebrow transplantation, which has become a simple operation with the opportunities of developing technology, has a few basic points to be considered, although it is a simple process.

Eyebrow transplantation has been done in our clinic. Before and 3 months after

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure that is frequently wondered by women. If we answer briefly the question What is eyebrow transplantation eyebrow transplantation gives you a completely lasting result apart from painting and tattooing. Eyebrow transplantation when you do not have to experience the same problems again. Products such as medicines or sprays on the market do not give permanent results, but usually do not work in people. But you can get rid of these problems instantly with eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation is created by creating new roots in the reduced portion of the eyebrow again. Although women are more prone to eyebrow transplantation in our country, both men and women worldwide prefer this procedure.

New eyebrow is added to the missing parts. Since the new root is created, there is also the possibility of elongation. In this case, you will not have a problem of shedding your eyebrows again. It is a method that you can use for many years.

How to do eyebrow transplantation?

As in other treatment procedures, methods which are natural in eyebrow transplantation are used. In particular, it is one of the treatments that women need and the question of how to do eyebrow transplantation is mostly asked. Before starting the planting process, the part of the eyebrows to be placed is determined and these parts are drawn. After determining the region, how much root can be added to the calculation is also a great help. During this procedure, the patient’s request is also asked and the region can be determined as he / she prefers.

After determining the region, how much root can be added to the calculation is also a great help. After determination of the region, roots are taken from the nape. The direction of the roots taken is set. Direction adjustment is an important consideration If it is wrong to determine the direction of the planting process is carried out in this way can arise with many different problems. Those skilled in the art are very sensitive in determining the directions. In the last process, the roots are adjusted and added to the specified region. It is an operation that lasts on average 2 hours. Eyebrow transplantation is completed and then the patient does not have physical contact with that part is a condition to be very careful. Because the roots here harden, crusting takes a minimum of 1 week. The crusted root is then poured out and forms a hard layer. It usually takes 3 months for these roots to settle. However, with full recovery, the expected time to return to a natural state is 6 months.

Considerations After Eyebrow Transplantation

There are points to be considered after having eyebrow transplantation. After the eyebrow transplantation process is completed, the person can continue his / her daily life. However, it is necessary to protect the donor area where the hair follicles are taken together with the planting area. First of all, the area where cultivation is carried out should not come into contact with water in any way during the day. The first washing is carried out at the center where the planting takes place for 24 to 72 hours. Your doctor will tell you the best time for this.

In addition, after treatment, tobacco products, alcohol should not consume. As the hair follicles and skin cannot boil immediately, the person must protect the cultivated area against rubbing and impact. Although this situation varies from person to person after sowing, within 100 days there is a spill called shock spill. In this case, only the hairs that have been cultivated are shed. Hair roots remain under the skin.

Transplanted eyebrows can literally take a year to get in the way. This period also varies from person to person. In addition, your physician will provide you with information and consultancy services related to the healing process. You should do the information you receive as it should.