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Marijuana after Hair Transplant

Marijuana after Hair Transplant


Marijuana/hashish and other cannabinoids are commonly used substances in the world. People who consume marijuana regularly conduct research on its use before and after hair transplantation.

So, what are the effects of marijuana use on hair transplantation and hair loss? In this article, we have researched them for you.

“The most important proof that cannabinoids reach the hair is that cannabinoid screening and detection tests can be done from hair strands.” (1)

Of course, there is a question that comes to mind here. Being in an environment where cannabinoids are consumed can cause the molecules of these substances to be caught in the hair. So, can these substances really reach the root of the hair and the hair shaft? What are the effects on hair loss and hair transplantation when it arrives?

Our scalp is the best blood supply point of our body, and yes, the substances in cannabinoids can easily reach our scalp through blood.

As it is known in hair transplantation, microcirculation is one of the most important factors for the survival and nutrition of the transferred tissue after all tissue and organ transplantation procedures. Several theories have been proposed to support this observation, namely marijuana can make ischemia, and mitochondrial damage caused by oxidative stress that disproportionately affects vascular structure (2)

A study conducted at the University of Debrecen in 2007 clearly showed that cannabinoids inhibit hair growth. The effect of these substances on hair loss is explained in one paragraph of the research as follows.

“Exocannabinnoid delta-tetrahydrocannabinol dose-dependently inhibited hair shaft elongation and the proliferation of hair matrix keratinocytes, and induced intraepithelial apoptosis and premature HF regression (catagen).” (3)

It is clearly seen that the active ingredients in marijuana and hashish affect the most important cellular functions for the healthy growth of the transplanted hair.

In this case, the use of cannabinoids(marijuana/hashish others) must be discontinued if successful results are to be obtained during active hair loss and hair thinning treatments, before and after hair transplantation.:

Written and edited by Dr. Ergen : Instagram

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