Patient Guide | Clinista Hair Transplant Turkey
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Before Coming to Turkey

  • Please Check COVID-19 Travel regulations map from this link:
  • You have to Register to Turkish Health Ministry before you fly from this link:
  • You have to show your COVID 19 Vaccination Card or PCR test (maximum 48 hours prior to your flight) before entering TURKEY
  • Do not forget your Passport and National ID card
  • Bring your payment in CASH. If you would like to pay with credit card check your card limit and notice that you have to pay extra %8 V.A.T + %2 credit card comission
  • Please bring signed pre-op information forms provided by us. Also you can use this forms on passport control.
  • Plan your arrival to Turkey one day prior to hair transplant. This will help you recover before operation.
  • Do not eat junk or fast food in order to protect yourself from “Traveler’s Diarrhea”
  • Stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol minimum 3 days prior to hair transplant

Our Hair Transplant Service Standarts

  • Reliable partners, service points, references
  • Academic staff who is mastered on Health law and ethics
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • 7/24 care if needed after hair transplant
  • Continous care, follow up after hair transplant for 15 months
  • No hidden cost, no suprise you will meet what you saw in our website
  • Only our registered doctors with certification performs hair transplant
  • Health care only in hospital environment
  • High patient safety standars
  • Located in Private University Hospital
  • Payment options with credit and debit card ( you need to calculate tax )
  • No extra accomodation payment for +1 companion
  • Accessible price policy
  • ISO 9001:2015 TSE quality management hospital
  • TS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard equipment
  • Cross infection control unit – sterilization
How it works

01- Free Consultation

Book your initial free consultation with our consultant. Together we can discuss what you would like to achieve; identify the best course of action; and provide you with estimated price. Write: / Call: +4407482306060 Lydia Cresswell

02- Online Appointment

Once we have given you your free initial consultation, we can arrange a pre-surgery online consultation with your surgeon. The surgeon will introduce himself,and discuss your options as well as he’s recommendations. Here you will also be able to ask any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

03- Registration

Once your free initial consultation has been completed and approved and you have ‘agreed the surgery costs; A %20 deposit of the total treatment price is required to comfirm the booking. The deposit will be credited from the total cost of your surgery. After your payment has been made, a custom itinerary will be created for you.

04. Transport and accommodation

Transport and accomodation will be scheduled from our team according to your arrival dates. All of our prices includes your accomodation and transportation services between hotel x airport x hospital

05- Surgery

The day of your surgery, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the clinic. You are NOT TO EAT at least 8 hours before your surgery. At the hospital, you will have documents to complete and time to meet with your surgeon before being prepped for your operation.

06- Post op care and Discharge

Before you are discharged from hospital, your dr. will visit you to go over all the necessary checks and provide you with aftercare.

07- Last check up – Way back to home

Before you are due to fly home, your surgeon will arrange a final follow up appointment we will be discuss whether you require any further treatment, which will be given to you at the time, necessary.

08- Follow up

Once you are back in your home country, you may contact us about your questions problems, or issues – we are here to help 24/7. Write: / Call: +4407482306060 Lydia Cresswell

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