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Hair Transplantation

Sapphire FUE

What is Sapphire FUE

Sapphire, which is among the precious and natural stones, is also divided into many categories as its usage area. In medicine, there are records that the incisions created with sapphire used in hair transplantation in corneal surgery heal faster. The fue technique in hair restoration is known as the most widely used hair transplant technique in the world. For this reason, the fue technique is constantly evolving. One of the advanced fue processes is the sapphire fue technique. In this technique, the hair follicles taken are placed in the channels opened with sapphire blades. Thus, a faster recovery, less trauma and more frequent results are targeted.


However, applying the sapphire fue technique alone does not guarantee good results. As you know, the fue technique consists of a number of different stages;

  1.  The design of the hairline

  2. Harvesting the hair follicles

  3. Incisions

  4. Implantation

  5. Post op treatments


1-The design of the hairline:

Hairline design is an important step for correct distribution and natural results in FUE technique. The hairline of people who experience hair loss at a young age and those who experience hair loss at a late age should not be the same. In addition, hair loss pattern, hair thickness, age are important values to be considered in hairline design.

2-Harvesting the hair follicles:

Harvesting hair follicles is one of the factors affecting the success of fue. Overharvesting leads to a moth-eaten appearance in the nape area. Improper procedures cause more trauma to the skin. In addition, the problems experienced during the removal of the hair follicles can traumatize the hair follicles and affect their elongation after the procedure.


The direction, depth and exit angle of the incisions are the most important factors affecting the success of fue. Even if advanced surgical materials such as sapphire blades are used in sapphire fue, the surgeon’s experience is the factor that directly affects the result.

Here is a video from us while our surgeon doing the incisions in sapphire fue method: Watch in Instagram


Different techniques are used in the implantation of roots. It is important in every technique that the roots are kept at the right temperature and not traumatized during implantation.

5-Post op treatments:

Each person’s recovery protocol after hair transplantation should be created differently. If the person has malnutrition, chronic disaeses they should be eliminated, and if there is ongoing male pattern loss, appropriate treatment protocols should be developed.

In Conclusion;

Sapphire fue is an advanced technique, but only one leg of a multi-legged table is to use a sapphire blade. Therefore, it is the most important duty of every surgeon to use the most advanced technique in all hair transplantation processes with a holistic approach.