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Hair Transplantation

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven hair transplant is a frequently preferred method for the reconstruction of hair line or vertex. The donor site is shaved even if the implantation method is Micro-Fue or DHI method. The hair in the area to be implanted is generally not shaved.
When we say shaving-free hair transplantation candidates think there is no shaving anywhere on the head but they have to know that the donor area is partially shaven.

Two types of shaving are applied while shaving the donor area

1- Unshaven hair transplant with American shaving:

In this method, the person who wants to have hair transplantation has his hair shaved with the nape region 1-2 mm long as shown in the picture. The harvesting is done from the shaved area, the roots taken are planted in areas with general hairloss or partial shedding.

As the donor heals quickly, and the hair on the receipent area is not shaven, people can quickly return to their social lives.

Since the shaved donor area is large, high numbers of hair follicles can be harvested.

We use micro-graft fue technique with 0.7mm punches that heals in 24 hours.

Here you can see healing process in our instagram.

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2- Unshaven hair transplant by window shaving method

In this method, the hair on the donor area of the person who wants to have hair transplantation should be long. The hair on the neck is shaved as like shown in the picture. Since the shaved area will be covered by the long hair on above, it is not noticable from other people. In this method, the number of follicles to be harvested is relatively low, so it is suitable for people with partial small areas with hair loss.


3-Things to consider when performing unshaved hair transplant

One of the most important points when performing unshaven hair transplantation is bleeding control. If there is unshaven hair transplantation or bleeding after the procedure, the body fluids leaking from the procedure will stick to the hair and healing will be delayed. It is meaningless to apply unshaven hair transplantation without advanced bleeding control.

Based on these reasons, we apply the Micro-Graft FUE method in Unshaven Hair Transplantation applications. Micro-Graft FUE is an improved version of the traditional FUE method and has many advantages. For more information about the method, you can visit our page about the method.

In the unshaven hair transplantation performed with Micro-Graft FUE in our center, you can see how clean the operation area is at the end of the operation in the video below.

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4-Am I Suitable for Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Although unshaven hair transplantation is a method developed to partially reduce the post-operative aesthetic concerns of people, it can be applied provided that the condition of suitability is sought. We recommend that you contact your hair transplant specialist to find out if you are eligible.

In addition, since the hair is not cut in this method, a moist environment open to infection may occur during the recovery period. A serious treatment protocol should be followed, as this moist environment may cause partial infections in the harvested and planted parts. It should be explained in detail to the people that the method is a method that requires more effort in terms of cleaning.

You can contact us to find out your suitability for unshaven hair transplantation and to ask your other questions.