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Hair Transplantation

Washing After Hair Transplantation

Washing After Hair Transplantation

One of the most important and pre-asked questions after hair transplantation is related to washing after hair transplantation. Regardless of the method, it takes 24/48 hours for wound tissue to heal after hair transplantation. It is recommended to wash 62 hours after hair transplantation with micro surgery. If there is any sign of infection on the skin, it is useful to perform the first wash after consultation with your doctor.

The first washings after hair transplantation are usually done in the centers where you have hair transplantation.

Washing Instructions After Hair Transplantation:

  1. Washing hands
  2. Gently apply the moisturizing and panthenol lotions given to you or prescribed in planting.
  3. Wait for 30 minutes.
  4. Wash the lotion area with warm water.
  5. Apply the foam shampoo softly to the transplantation and donör area. If your shampoo is not in the form of foam, apply some amount of shampoo to your transplanting area and then foam it in your hand.
  6. Shampooing step 2. step twice.
  7. Remove any remaining shampoo and lotion residue with warm water.
  8. Carefully dry the transplanting area and donor area after washing.
  9. Continue the washing process until your shells are spilled, unless otherwise recommended by your doctor.
  10. After the first wash, you may have white dandruff-like flakes on your head, which usually disappears within 10 days.
  11. You may need to wash your hair more pressure every day after the first wash. This will help shedding their shells. We recommend to wash in the planting area after the 7th day with the help of a soft bath sponge.
  12. The use of hot or boiling water during washing is not recommended. Also, do not dry your head with a hot blow dryer after washing.
  13. Please contact your hair transplant specialists with questions regarding your mind during or after washing.
  14. If you have painful and wet wounds that occurs in your transplantation and donor area after the start of washing, contact your doctor immediately.
  15. After washing, you can apply specially designated lotions and ointments for healing your donor area.
  16. If your crust have not yet been shed after 10 days, contact your center and make an appointment for shedding assistance.

You can contact us for your medical washing needs after hair transplantation.