Eyebrow Transplant

The number of people who prefer Eyebrow Transplantation operations is increasing day by day. Eyebrows are among the elements that affect the visual appearance of our face. For this reason, eyebrow transplantation is very important for people who have problems with eyebrows. Our center is quite advanced in this field. With the new generation and technology supported eyebrow transplantation method, it is possible to have natural and very aesthetic eyebrows. In addition, eyebrow transplant operations are a frequently preferred method not only for aesthetic concerns, but also to close any wounds, burns, scratches.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?
Eyebrow transplantation operation is performed with the logic of FUE hair transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation, which takes 1.5-2 hours on average, is performed under local anesthesia. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the operation. He is discharged on the same day. In the area where eyebrow transplantation is made, very small crusts occur within 7 days on average. After the shedding period of these crusts, the person can easily continue his work and social life. After the eyebrow transplant operation, activities such as swimming and sunbathing are prohibited for 15 days. The transplanted eyebrows start to grow after 3 months and take their planned shape by completing their growth within 7-8 months. In this period, it will be good for visuality to fix the eyebrows frequently and to scan them according to the exit direction.

Natural Results in Eyebrow Transplantation
Naturalness is the most important factor in eyebrow transplant operations. Because the eyebrows directly affect the visual. For this reason, unnatural processes in operations have a very negative effect on the external appearance of the person. Here, eyebrow transplantation should be done in a way that fits the person’s face shape and provides visual integrity. After eyebrow transplantation procedures applied with wrong techniques, the results can be very bad and even look ugly enough to disrupt the psychology of the person. Below on the left, you can see an eyebrow transplant that has had an eyebrow transplant before, but the correct root selection and positioning has not been done. The result we obtained in the 3rd month after the revision eyebrow transplantation performed in our center is in the square on the right.

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Eyebrow model according to face shape
Although eyebrows and eyebrow designs have gained popularity in recent years, small details are often overlooked and not paid attention to. Actually, it’s not hard to see why; Our eyebrows aren’t as sparkly as eyes or glamorous like lips, but our eyebrows are the silent workhorse of the face. In fact, eyebrows have a big place in the proportion of our face. Eyebrows frame facial features, creating balance, so when they’re completely changed or completely dropped, the face is out of balance – and the effect can be dramatic. In this guide, we’ll cover brow shapes and help you determine which brow shape is best for your unique face shape.
Eyebrow Shaping Options:

In addition to tweezing, there are several ways to change the shape or increase the density of existing eyebrows, and to restore them if you have completely lost them. Before going into the details of each brow shape, it’s important to keep in mind your options for modifying or enhancing your brows. Here are your options;

1. Eyebrow Makeup:

From eyebrow pencils to powders, there are many different ways to draw your eyebrows. You can use a stencil or draw freely to define the shape of the eyebrow. You can also use eyebrow makeup to “personalize” temporary tattoos and realistic eyebrow wigs.

Pros: Cost effective; You can create completely customized eyebrows.
Cons: Can be time-consuming and effort-intensive; It requires more skill and practice than other options.

2. Eyebrow Tattoos (Microblading, permanent eyebrow makeup):

Temporary and permanent eyebrow tattoos are pigment dyes applied to the skin with various application methods.

Pros: Realistic.
Cons: Since eyebrow tattoos are made using natural dyes, their colors may fade over time. In addition, when you want to change the shape of the eyebrows in permanent ones, long and costly procedures such as tattoo removal may be required.

3. Eyebrow Transplantation:

Eyebrow transplantation is a minimally invasive surgical method. The eyebrow area is anesthetized with local anesthesia, and single hair follicles taken from the nape are transferred to the eyebrow area according to the desired shape. From 6 months, the transplanted eyebrows begin to grow naturally. Results are permanent.

Pros: The results are permanent, natural, you can give the shape you want with tweezers.
Cons: Requires surgery.

Eyebrow Design Selection According to Face Type
Choosing aesthetic eyebrows is all about choosing a model that will complement and balance your unique face shape.

Oval Face Shape: Since you already have the most prominent face shape, a soft curved soft eyebrow is most flattering; It will preserve the natural balance of your face.
Diamond Face Shape: A diamond-shaped face is balanced but angular; To soften the angles, choose a curved brow with soft curves and transitions.
Round Face Shape: If you have a round face, you want your face to look longer and less circular; Eyebrows with medium to high arch height and hard or soft angled arches will help elongate your face. Round eyebrows will be the least impressive option for those with a round face.
Square Face Shape: Full and thick eyebrows with soft or hard angled arches will soften the angles of your face by drawing attention from the chin to the eyes. A soft angled curve can help soften the jawline, but it will also look good on a hard angled curve with a low arch height. A rounded curve will look unnatural and accentuate the jawline, so it’s not ideal.
Heart-shaped face: Due to your sensitive facial structure, you need a delicate eyebrow; Full, heavily structured or highly curved eyebrows will look overwhelming on your face and draw too much attention to the forehead. With soft brows of low to medium arch height, curved or soft angled shape will be the best choice for you.
Pear-Shaped Face: If you have a pear-shaped face, your eyebrows should have a medium arch height and extended brow tails to create width on the forehead.
Rectangular Face Shape: To balance the length of the face, the eyebrows need to create width on your face, for this there should be extended and long brow tails. A gentle arch height will also help shorten the face.


You can make an appointment by contacting our hair and eyebrow transplant specialist, to get detailed information about the most suitable treatment options and eyebrow transplantation in order to choose and design the eyebrows that are relevant to your facial proportion, which has a very important place on your face.